Discover the countries with the best gastronomy

Many tourists and travelers are guided not only by the fantastic scenery but also by the gastronomy they find in the countries they visit.

Gastronomy is an essential factor for deciding and choosing the next trip, with the aim of trying the local gastronomy, as it is part of the cultural heritage of each people.

We have selected some countries that stand out for their fantastic and unforgettable gastronomic heritage.




The basis of the Mediterranean tradition is based on the trilogy of bread, wine and olive oil. This tendency, spread a little throughout the country, finds different nuances according to the contributions of each region.

Meat and sausages consolidate the base of essential products in many Portuguese dishes, especially in the North.




The Mediterranean flavors abound in Greece, this country is known for numerous delicacies such as octopus, olive oil and olives, feta cheese and yogurt.

In addition to being tasty is a healthy cuisine, mainly regional food like Crete, and this region is ranked as one of the longest in the world.

Sea urchins, say the Greeks, are aphrodisiacs. Difficult to find in Athens, they are served on the islands at sunset, seasoned with olive oil and lemon, along with other mezzes and ouzo.

Nothing more delightful than enjoying the immense sun setting in front of you, with a landscape of white houses and many flowers, with that appetizer. In fact, the impression you have is that everything, not just the hedgehogs, are aphrodisiacs.




Thailand is undoubtedly a paradise for those who enjoy good cuisine. The richness of its ingredients, the refinement of the presentation, a great creativity, its exoticism make of Thai gastronomy one of the richest of all the East.

The Thai cuisine can combine exoticism with the richness of the dishes and ingredients, from the spicy to the sweet, provides a harmony of flavors and aromas.

Still little massified and mens known in the West, it maintains a slightly adulterated confection, its most common ingredients being rice, citronella, ginger, coconut, garlic and coriander.




Chinese food has become popular everywhere, probably through its emigrant communities in China that settled in all Western countries, the exoticism of its dishes, the mixture of flavors, spicy and sour, sweet and salty, the variety of ingredients , Some even unimaginable, are an attraction for any discerning palate.

The variety of Chinese food is such that even the different cuisines and regional cuisines have their own endless lists of different specialties and traditional culinary styles, from Cantonese to the cuisine of Shandong, Yangzhou, Sichuan, Xinjiang or Yunnan.




Nobody can be better than the French in gastronomic quality, the best wines, cheeses, champagnes and spirits, before the arrival of the Chinese to France already unveiled to the palate the caracoletas and the legs of frogs.

Each region has its characteristic products and its specialties.

Cheese and wine occupy a privileged place in French cuisine. There are as many cheeses as every day of the year. Many regional specialties use wine to cook all kinds of meats, the famous “plats mijotés” (long and slow cooked), specialties that always give a lot of effect to the meals.




From anonymity to stardom, this is Spain’s gastronomic journey, who can resist the famous tapas, the sausages to the black pata ham, tortilla, squid and squid.

Spanish food is world famous for its flavors, variety and force. More importantly, it goes far beyond the paella.




Mexican food is a blend of indigenous and European flavors, essentially Spanish, a miscellany of colors and flavors, and since 2010 is part of the List of Cultural Heritage promoted by Unesco.

It is based on corn and beans, and spicy spices. Mexico contributes 2 of the most consumed foods these days, chocolate and tomato.




Italy has conquered international palates for the simplicity of its food, with its easy-going dishes, pizzas and pasta, but Italian cuisine is much more than these globalized dishes, it is a set of internationally named cheeses.

Who has not tasted or knows Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan or Mascarpone, hams, olive oils and balsamic vinegars, Martini aperitif wines or the famous ice creams.

The outstanding flavor of Italian dishes requires accompanying a good wine that is also outstanding. Therefore, the Italians are strict in choosing the accompanying wine.




Indian food is intense in tastes by the use of spices. The most important spices are peppers, black mustard seed, cumin, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger and garlic.

In the sweet dishes are used cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, and essence of rose petals.

Teas are the typical drink