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Santos is listed in Amazon’s ranking of the most nerdy cities in Brazil by product sales. Comic books were born, developed and are still in our daily lives today to fulfill human needs, to understand through the image – communication element – present from the earliest days of civilization, it suffices to refer to the time of the caves, as a man used the picture on the walls to communicate with the group to which he belonged, expressing countless pieces of information with the pictures. Among the many ads and teasers DC Comics presented at Comic-Con was the most exciting revelation, The Ad Terrifics, a new title written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Ivan Reis, with character re-designs by Evan ‘Doc ‘Shaner. He was among the potential candidates for the International Justice League in the early days of the reboot, and later Geoff Johns created a new lineage for character during Eternal Vilania, but since then, no sign of him has been seen throughout the DC universe until Batman reveals, who holds a coma-induced comic in the Batcave. | If you like comics, you might be used to hearing the term DC Comics, but not everyone knows exactly what their deeper meaning is. So to understand a story, it is not enough for readers to read what is written, it is necessary to read that the pictures represent where the story takes place, the characters (who they are, what they are, what utterances of that Face they do), the temporal sequence information.

From the beginning where everything started well written by Ben Mizrich (Briging Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Taking Vegas for Millions – 2003), who had already discussed young students in their previous title Having been lucky enough to count letters in Las Vegas, after receiving an e-mail from a Harvard student, Will McMullen, suggest that he contact Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, following the proposal and finding the story of the birth of Facebook his comic books, his success has been almost total among children and adolescents; If today’s young people stay in the room and do everything they surf the Internet or play games, the young people of the past generations had a seemingly healthier addiction to live in shops and buy magazines. For example, to show you the products of the best brands in the world, you will find licensed products (original) by Marvel and DC Comics here. Not that we are considered the coolest nerd store in the galaxy.

Thanks to the success of The Social Network, which earned the film and its directors the title of Best Picture of 2010, according to the National Association of Film Critics of the United States; David Fincher as best director, Aaron Sorkin as best scriptwriter and finally Jesse Eisenberg, best actor for the role of Mark Zuckerberg, were not only the fault of a marketing strategy and synchronicity with the media. Category makes it possible to understand the appearance of comics and its importance in the teaching-learning process, as classes become more dynamic through their use, making content more meaningful and pleasurable. In the 5th year of elementary school, it was possible to recognize beyond the educational software HagáQuê the fear and dedication of the students to work in the STE the HQs, interest of some professors in the activities that were developed because the interest of the students were larger compared to classroom activities.