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Drink and draw “by Quanta, which rolls ALL FIRST FIFTH OF THE MONTH in the bar GIBI Cultura Geek. Although the publications for the edition are not large, the work of these authors was of great importance to the realization of this article, in particular published book by Leila Rentroia Iannone and Roberto Antonio Iannone, this source relevant to enlighten the discussions on the comics. | Drink and draw “Quanta Roll MONAT FIVE first all Bar GIBI Geek Culture.” The career of the artist, started 25 years ago in Maurício de Sousa Studios, motivated enthusiasm curator: in addition to DC Comics, which designed the magazine Superman, Green Lantern and Aquaman, Ivan Reis worked at Marvel, where he made titles such as The Avengers, Iron Man and Hulk |. Before going into film and television, instead of DC’s super heroes, who were originally referred to as Detective Comics, was in the comics. Currently working with comics may be a suggestion promote language development in Portuguese, as well as promoting literacy, drama, storytelling for children and artistic presentations, core education resources.

The knowledge gained from the concepts and processes enable competence development of the students associated with a vision of updated world, relate their processes and their chemical transformations. (Schlosser and Freire, 2002; Rota and Izquierdo, 2003) | Great readers generally do not read extensive philosophy books, for example, started on, but, attractive readings that provided full enjoyment, generating mental, mental and social benefits, such as comic books, as described by Maria Cristina Xavier de Oliveira (2008, p. 28), was one of the first media to go global, even before the film, which has always been very close to the comic books, both in historical comparison (both occur as industry at the same time, the Late nineteenth century) as public preference |. Fanny Abramovich (2001, p.158) that comics are an integral part of this century and stupid and bigoted snubs they do not take seriously, after all, include a design drawing, humor, fast paced, a quick intervention in the situations that characters in a short and almost cinematic rhythm that enchants children.

As for the use of technology in educational action, says Almeida (2006), which is necessary to understand the potentials of each technology and its contributions to teaching and learning, as this can bring about significant improvements to the school’s transformation on a process relates consciousness and transformation, which goes beyond the field of technology and also bring an underlying worldview, people, science and education |. However, management’s sales expectations did not meet, and as they had little faith in the concept’s development was prematurely discontinued, although the characters and concepts would have been an integral part of the multiverse DC Kirby went on to create the hit series Kamandi, when it was led by the editor to come up with something like planets of the monkeys |. the extent of his political power (he is the embodiment of a god, is beyond any political or clerical), allegorical (your avatar is a physical health of man and the perfect spiritual) and Arsenal (his powers are similar to the super most powerful heroes of comics Books, Superman) is almost infinite.