Teeth are one of the main elements that draw attention to someone, by their good or bad state. In a professional situation it is very important to look good and the teeth greatly influence this parameter. The Home Tips will help you maintain good oral hygiene, indicate some ways to whiten your teeth at home and still talk about some dental diseases.

Definition of tooth:
The tooth is a hard and whitish element consisting of:

Enamel: External and hard layer of the tooth. If there is no good oral hygiene, this layer may be damaged;
Dentin: Layer after enamel;
Pulp: Soft layer that is placed just after the dentin and is highly vascularized by blood vessels;
Cement: layer that recovers the root;
Alveolar bone: Bone that supports the tooth. It is a mineralized structure and serves to protect and reserve the blood and lymphatic vessels;
Blood vessels;
Teeth Whitening:
The color of the teeth is a factor that everyone cares about. Let’s give some tips on how to give and keep good color on your teeth.

One option is the dentist. It is the most effective but on the other hand the most expensive.

You can choose to do a home bleaching. The effectiveness is less than the bleaching done by a professional, but it allows to make the teeth lighter and it is more economic. The following list contains some of the many home bleaching.

1- Masque or rub directly on the teeth some leaves of Goiabeira or Salvia;

2- Brush your teeth daily with leaves of Juá (typical tree from the northeast of Brazil);

3- Brushing your teeth with salt;

4- Remove the thickest part of a packet or bottle of magnesium milk and rub it on your teeth like a finger or with a cotton ball before lying down and after washing your teeth. After the application do not wash your teeth until morning – this tip is more targeted to people who smoke and get stained teeth due to nicotine;

5- Lemon is also a good help. Make a lemon juice and rub the juice with the brush on the teeth for ± 2 minutes. After brushing, thoroughly wash your teeth with warm water. This process removes all tobacco food waste, etc .;

6- Chew some parsley leaves before brushing teeth;

7. Crush some strawberries and if you prefer, mix with your toothpaste and brush them with this mixture;

8- Produce your own toothpaste. Mix half a scoop of hydrogen peroxide with a spoonful of baking soda. (Caution: Use this paste only if your teeth were not sensitive. Use only once and once a week).

Oral diseases. How to prevent?
We have talked about some tips to relieve toothaches, but it is also important to prevent oral diseases, those responsible for the unbearable pain that sometimes afflict us. Of all the existing diseases, we decided to highlight the most common, which are: Caries, Gingival disease (Gingivitis and Periodontitis), Tooth sensitivity and Tartarus.


What are cavities?
Dental caries is an injury, sometimes cavitated, with possible loss of enamel and affecting mineralized tissues. It manifests, when in a non-initial state, by a pain, sometimes unbearable. When this pathology is at the beginning of its development does not have any type of symptom. The appearance of cavities is related to the demineralization caused by acidification of the mouth