Literature student produce comics of geek culture in Universities.

The study of comic literature is justified by interests Demonstrating how the strategy of organizing colloquial text is used in comic book construction, which has in its written textual characteristics close to face-to-face conversations, these are elements present in addition to visual understanding, which makes it very pleasant The study, due to reading in the reader causes comic Defined to the charm due to a combination of its elements. | | They called people displaced from public life, or with any physical or mental problem, since the 1970s, the “botanist” was used to refer to adolescents without social life and with specific interests in subjects impenetrable to the majority, whether it be computing, science fiction or the old narrative toy is produced using consecutive drawings, almost always in a horizontal direction, and some texas accompanied by a description of the situation presented in pictures called “balls”.

Since 1920 Acquired by the comic books of the world, authoring and expanding in an industrial way, being baptized with diverse toponyms in each of the world, like: comic gibsi and in Brazil; comics in Spain; manga in Japan, BANDE dessinée in France, in Italy Fumetti, comics in Argentina, dolls in Cuba, manhwas in South Korea, manhuas in China and the United States of comics, but the enchanting genre and artist are like a prominence. 2005, the company has published several limited series that establishes increased conflicts between the heroes of the DC universe, with events culminating in the limited series Infinite Crisis. Then the series continues DC jumped in the year in continuity with its history with the DC publication of the weekly 52 series that gradually filled the gap.This was also the way cretins were seen in the 1980s and 1990s. But decades passed and became popular, more people became interested in things. It was only exploited by botanists, making this tribe get more space and voice.

Considered Watchmen is an important milestone in the development of comic books in the US: It is introduced and the languages ​​previously only associated with so-called alternative comics, in addition to working with a more mature and less-oriented surface, is printed compared to commercial comics in this country. “Vince Sullivan”, “In the World of Greatest” and “Superman” (“The World”). was saved from a pile of dirt). Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Avengers and more importantly: a fictional world where everyone lived together in which the adventures of one character will have a direct impact on the story of another.