Marvel vs DC, who would win this bet?

As it was observed throughout this text, there are several possibilities found in the comics that can be applied in the educational process, in order to transmit knowledge, to arouse interest and to create a taste for systematic reading, to raise awareness, to foment critical attitudes, to develop artistic aptitude and Through this work, it can be verified that comic books have a great value in the context of the formation of readers, especially in the initial series of Elementary School, since the reading of leisure has a close relation with the development of social culture , individual intelligence and community and group identity, thus opening up paths for reading and enjoyment, providing special moments of sharing and enjoyment. For children and for everyone who finds it difficult to find a girlfriend, the world’s Marvel vs. DC. The two biggest superhero comic book publishers of all time, who for decades fed a healthy rivalry, “galloped and finally achieved statuses they had always dreamed of.

Porting, working on this topic using computers and HagáQuê program provoked in the students a great progress in relation to the production of texts and in the oral language, since, they were motivated with this way to create the comics, since, it was in the technology room using the Do What program they showed they learned in theory through practice. “The stories and characters portrayed in the film and in the magazines were commented and compared, as well as the peculiarities between images and text such as speech balloons, balloons -thinking, onomatopoeia, comic book sequences in the same sense as written text: from left to right and from top to bottom, etc. | Comic book reading empowers readers who enjoy all kinds of readings, not just stories in comic books, with the advantage of forming a culture of reading children and reading communities of great comprehensiveness and perenniality throughout life.

The choice of soundtrack suitable for a teen movie was also made with care, to perform most of the songs of the film was chosen musician and music producer Trent Reznor, leader of the American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, the rest remained on account of well-known songs like Creep (Radiohead), Ball and Biscuit (White Stripes), California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys), and Baby, You’re Rich Man (The Beatles). ) emphasizes that reading is an interplay between writer and reader in which, given the richness of meaning inserted in the linguistic and imaginary world, makes comics a medium whose experience is intense, continuous with bounded and binding meanings of thought and reality, subjectivity and objectivity, in order to enhance the taste for reading, making it a spontaneous, pleasurable act and no longer just a school obligation. “Regina Scarpa, pedagogical coordinator of Revista Nova Escola, suggests to develop, in each school year, permanent or periodic activities designed in such a way that each student has the possibility to read a story for others or choose a story to read to colleagues. ”

In the universe of the construction of a comic book “, object of this work demonstrates that this literary style allows the exploration of the most diversified subjects, aiming among other things: To present and to analyze the characteristics of the text of the comic books; To verify how orality is represented in written text and also in what way the elements of the comics are represented in the aid of the understanding of the narrative; To enable future deepening of orality in this discursive genre, considering the details found in the text of the comics; To show that the characteristics of the spoken language, combined with the visual resources and resources of the written language are recurrent in this discursive genre; The first were influenced from foreign histories, even in Brazil with the existence of great Brazilian artists. In the last two decades, the emergence of miniseries and grafics novels contributed to the growth of the publishing market of The verbal and non-verbal languages, in turn, have been and have been, to this day, vital tools for human expression, enabling the recording and propagation of countless narratives that have come to us, and still are produced in our medium in the most varied supports, as in comic books.