Monica 100 and the end of an era … or not

Yes, even if they read … Monica’s magazine will be restarted and, not only her, several other MSP studio magazines as well, including the editions of the other 4 main characters of the studio!

And … to commemorate the hundredth edition of several of them, were included … the phrase “Commemorative Edition” on the cover of all of them …… just that. . . . . I ride!

Well, the studio created, throughout these 100 Magazines by Panini, several special commemorative editions for each numbering that they deemed special, such as the 50th edition and editions in which the characters completed 500 editions in addition to the magazines released by other publishers. These comics showed special stories where they remembered good moments of the past, as well as pages with better quality and special effect for the cover.

This time there was none of this, at most a small mention of the fact that it reached number 100 in the current publishing house.

Speaking of Monica, the magazine’s best selling monthly magazine, they brought a cover up interesting, where it shows several characters personified with the face of Monica … or rather … with her teeth, rsss.
This idea denounces the content of the main story of the edition. This fact occurs a long time and does not please the most classic fans. Before, the covers had drawings with very funny Gags with no relation to the internal content. At Panini such an attitude towards Capa became a rule: the cover illustration should contain a gimmick for the first story of the magazine. It would be interesting … if it were not dull and monotonous to look at.

Well … the designs continue to become more computerized, letting the rage of the various classic fans emerge, generating opinions such as: the characters’ expressions are taken from the central computer’s “expression bank”, rsss. And, it’s just eye-catching that this opinion seems to become real.
Apart from this, as always for some years now, we have the dialogues and attitudes dominated by the politically correct.

The first story “Monica 100 …” is interesting. In it, we have Samson alive, bringing the possibility of Monica going to several stories of characters in the studio, with her personifying each main character in the story. With this we see what I said above, Monica Anjinho (Anjônica), Monica Piteco (Pitecônica), Monica Horácio (Monácio), and several others. A story even interesting and cool, with an ending showing Samson being possessed by a character who originally appeared in Monica 5 of the April publishing house in 1970.