Spider Man is the fashion geek?

Anyone who is a comic book fan should be accustomed to hearing the DC Comics expression, but not everyone knows exactly what it means. On January 30, 1869, the first Brazilian comic book appeared: The Adventures of Nhô Quim Published by Vida Fluminense magazine, in Rio de Janeiro, the story told in episodes, the misadventures of a simple man from the inside of the Among the many ads and teasers that DC Comics performed at Comic-Con, the most exciting revelation was The Terrifics (literally translated), a new title to be written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Ivan Reis, with character re-designs by Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner. Connections continue to be between the spectator and protagonist, who soon proves to be an intelligent young man, with no physical attributes and with great problems in communicating, or it fits perfectly in the label of geek (that in Portuguese would be something like nerd) and for that reason also can not fit in the profile to be part of any final club: a famous clash of the youth about being part of a social group, to be accepted by society. originally referred to as Detective Comic, was in the comic books. In a way, it can be said that comics meet the needs of the human being, since they use the communication element that has been present in the history of humanity since the beginning: the graphic image.

{Turônica da Mônica becomes the most famous and successful comic book family in Brazil; and the national distribution of Mauricio de Sousa Produções 2.500 strips, 800 tabloids and color supplement, Jornalzinho da Mônica, besides the numerous special magazines, surpassing sales of Walt Disney comics. known worldwide throughout the film, which paid to appear unintentionally as the case of approximately 20 brands, including: The North Face, Sony, Mountain Dew, Adidas, Apple, Polaroid, Victoria’s Secret. certain that his reading removed children from nobler objects “- the knowledge of the world of books” and study of serious subjects “- that caused damage to school performance and could even lead to even more terrifying consequences such as dullness of logical reasoning, difficulty in grasping abstract ideas, and diving in an imaginative environment detrimental to the social and affective relationship of his readers.

{Actually, it’s all about, and I will try to demonstrate with all rigor, starting with the comic books that until the last years made the head of millions of young people; it is important to emphasize that with the phenomenon of the Internet, the fever of the comics has gradually diminished, so much that great pope of the American comics Stan Lee, creator of the Spider-Man, predicting end of the comics sellers, and so on Stan Lee, who is a nice, lean and mustache gentleman, which also occasionally appears The plot that begins in the death of the character “Comedian,” takes place in the year 1985 in an alternate world where superheroes exist (and were banned by law), the Vietnam War was won by the United States (with the help of Dr. Manhattan, one of the “heroes”), Watergate scandal never happened and President Richard Nixon was re-elected three times.It is intended to understand sequential art, holiday comic, explained the transformation of characters over decades, (and relevant at various times) to your audience to use direct speech at the junction of texts and drawings.

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