Super Man faces Geek Universe, and Batman does not know what to do.

The terms nerd, dweeb and dork have similar meanings as geek, but many prefer to identify different connotations between these terms, although the differences are interviewed in 2007 in the Colbert report, Richard Clarke said that the difference between botanists and geeks is “geeks” it will happen “. The educational process recommended in PCNEM + (MEC, 2006) should be the result of an activity that fosters the pupil’s ability to understand and understand, can create and use knowledge, contemplating various didactic, pedagogical, cultural and social activities, from the most concrete and seemingly , simple, to the most general and often complex, involving the entire school community. , but what is communicated through them, hence the need for common sense in the choice of stories in the development of activities aimed at forming readers, since many of these stories offer a large number of proposals that will be used in the interests of children, unlike others.

Because of the events that led to favorable situations in the use of comics in the classroom, the choice for this topic arose in favor of a variety and creative actions that provided moments of pleasure and discovery, and comics are one of the means of communication that a person has created as they awaken students’ taste for reading, observing colors, speeches, titles, transmitted ideas and rhythm of stories. comics as an additional resource for improving the teaching and learning process and should be formulated in the light of interest and creativity of students, especially in technological tools. “Among them were Fox Publications, whose Wonderman character was purposefully created as a blatant copy of the extended for the company that handles Fawcett Comics with its excellent sales profile, Captain Marvel to copy Superman, despite the fact that the parallels were weaker.

Currently, the national parameters of the curriculum are recommended to form a competent reader, that is, to know that some values ​​can be attributed to the text and can read that it is not written fundamentally that the reading practice examines the variety of texts that circulate in everyday life in the social plan, including comics. | | We also recommend that these actions be applied in future students to diagnosed dyslexic students, suggesting that they will be included in the inclusive educational strategies that will allow their evolution in acquiring the reading of Ivan Freitas da Costa, celebrates the Ivan Flight talent and is an excellent opportunity for fans and professionals to meet with things that have never before been publicly presented, which show the artist’s work and the process of creating comic books.