Trophy Guide – Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed

Akiba’s Trip is a JRPG with versions for PS3, PS Vita and PS4. With visual anime, the story of the game and its gameplay run from the ordinary. The enemies are a modern retelling of vampires known as “Synthisters”. And it’s exactly the way to defeat the enemies that makes it a bit different: by exploiting the classic vulnerability to the sunlight of the vampires (which the Synthisters also have), you need to expose the enemies to the sun ….  Although the idea may seem ” the whole thing is much more comical and purposely bizarre than in some way sexual. Even the “Finishers,” who remove the intimate parts of the enemies were treated with a good dose of humor and censorship of the intimate parts of the enemies.
One very interesting thing about this game is that its scenery reflects well the real neighborhood of Akihabara, a neighborhood very famous in Japan for its electronics stores and “Otaku culture”. All the game stores are real stores that you can meet if you go to Japan …
As for platinum strategy: You can get the game in a single Playthrough, creating a separate save on the Rin’s Street Performance mission. But that mission is relatively well at the beginning of the game and, in my opinion, not worth the effort. Just skip the dialogs you’ve seen at the beginning of the game and you quickly reach that point of the game. I started a new game for each route and it did not take long to platinum this game. You can initially play in casual mode to learn the game and enjoy that the game is easier to get one of the most chatty trophies (to get 1,000,000 yen) or alternatively to take advantage of the greater facility to get 1 set of clothes and weapon in 999 for her main character plus 1 set of 999 clothes for her main heroine and a “reserve” set of 600+ defense clothing for Shizuku to wear when she is not the heroine of the time. No need to worry about Shizuku or heroine weapons: their weapons are weak, so they do not rip the clothes you want from enemies. See the true ending of Shizuku, or see the Nana’s CG, or see the end of it, which can – and should – be done along with the end of one of the heroines. (More information on Living Embodiment of Her Happiness). Take the trophies you give them, but in that first round, worry more about getting the hang of the game and the morning to use the attacks, finisher, chain-stip, dodge … and, of course, see the true ending of the heroine chosen (I recommend to Shizuku in the first round).
Your second Playthrough should be in Gamer mode. Zeroing in this mode is worth a trophy … and zeroing in Otaku mode does not unlock the trophy in Gamer mode. If you have joined the 1,000,000 yen and have not yet created the clothing sets (and the main character’s weapon) described above, do so. If you’ve gotten yourself into creating high-def clothes and your super-gun, you’ll see how easy that will be at this level … and then focus on putting together 1,000,000 yen. Try to make as many trophies as possible in this round. If you chose to see the Nana’s CG in the first round, now see the end of it or vice versa. Do not forget that you should see the true ending of the second heroine (whatever it is).
Your third move, do it in Otaku mode. Fights in this mode are longer and boring, so just focus on making the true end of the heroine you choose.
In its fourth round, feel free to play in any difficulty, but if there are still many trophies for your platinum, I recommend playing in casual or even easy. Seeing the end of the fourth and last of the heroines (plus the extra Nana finale), you unlock another trophy.
If you’ve missed any of the real-life trophies, start a new game on easy and just do the main quests, being careful to always answer the questions correctly to maximize the affection of the chosen heroine. Any other trophies should not be difficult with the tips of this post.