World Geek arrives on the newsstands.

To change the attitude of apathy to reading, the idea of ​​working with Monica comics in an amusing way, allowing students to read the universe, its graduating form should be open to the early reader, knowledgeable and competent, with their experience and compare other forms of language. Reading critical and real. Transformers to become a subject, according to all the texts, funny or not, is to communicate, that is, express, communicate the poetic functions of the language with taste, fecundity, motivation, students who use personal knowledge to create comics using the tools of the HagáQuê program on the computer, rtalecimento for creating significant knowledge for identifying students by reading and interpreting texts, linguistic signs and visual elements displaying actions that allow you to build meaning stories. The Law of the “Guidelines and Foundations of Nacional Education” (LDB), adopted on December 20, 1996, already pointed to the need to include modern forms of the language “as a way of improving the practice of reading, as well as other training Qualify educational processes.}

Nelly Novaes Coelho (2000, p. 217), when it comes to the work of Child Psychology and the experimental pedagogy of Claparède, makes it clear that the interest of children in comic books or for pleasure show them or listen to them. The symptoms of such an act, rather than just entertaining it, are an internal and instinctive need to satisfy: the need for intellectual growth inherent in developing countries, for example, enjoying the endless movement of games or running away, without a purpose, they deal with different genres today, such as actions and romance , but the word used in the United States is a description of each story in the squares, but in the Portuguese-speaking countries more | apparently so naturally in childhood, stems from instinctive organic growth. Used to refer to North American stories and their distinctive drawing style. Comics, as a rule, are colorful and rich in detail. years after the unsuccessful campaign of hatred against them helplessly decompose comics that are almost responsible for all the evil of the world, the enemy of teaching and learning, the innocent minds of your readers.

A subsidiary of Time Warner, DC, responsible for such famous figures as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and his teammates in the Justice League. For decades DC Comics was one of the two largest companies published in early 1929 by Dell Comics (founded by George T. Delacorte, Jr.). Funnies (“Funny”) in the Library of Congress is described as a small newspaper application in the format Tabloid 12 (not created with a comic book of the same name Dell is confused in 1936). Spider-Man or Spider-Man “is a big known world of heroes and almost as beloved by such people as Batman, because his incredible strength and maneuverability allow making several happy people and vibrating with joy watching their films or even with their games.

Based on these factors, we want to complete the effective contribution of the discourse content of the magazine to the development of your audience and what is actually the intent of the product, the constant repatriation, to promote stories about adaptation. A mini-series of three editions Between Sickle and Hammer, written, will tell the story of what happened to Superman when he fell in the former Soviet Union and imposed socialism on the world – this is a highly influential idea of ​​the magazine “Miracle Worker” | , resulting in a stream of complex horror and dark material material not only led to the abandonment of DC DC comics by the private names of these talents, but also created in 1993 the impression of Vertigo for mature readers.